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Since the report issued by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) in 2009, claiming that the e-cigarette is not safe for use due to traces of the cancer producing TSNA’s being detected, as well as levels of nicotine not corresponding to what is stated on the labels, many famous Universities have undergone tests in this domain.

The Harvard University published a paper on the effects of tobacco craving reduction when using the e-cigarette. In this study it was concluded that the use of the electronic cigaretteconsiderably reduced the craving for tobacco within the first 10 minutes, much quicker than a normal cigarette. Ten puffs on a specific brand of e-cigarette delivered a small amount of nicotine which was far less nicotine which would have delivered the same amount of puffs on a regular cigarette. It was concluded that the reduction in craving was not due to inhaling the nicotine in the placebo, but due to the ability of the brain to do this. Harvard University says that although more studies are needed in this field, there is already sufficient evidence to prove that these placebos are capable of drastically and indefinitely reducing tobacco cravings.

Researchers at the University of California came out strongly against the use of the e-cigarette. They are saying that these are harmful to the health and calling for these e-cigarettes to be banned. The opinion shared by all Universities who are against the use of the e-cigarette is that the toxicity levels of the chemical propylene glycol over an extended period of time are still unknown. There is also the threat that users will be substituting one addiction for another, just as harmful.

The Boston University also initiated a study after the release of the FDA report. This report is in favour of the e-cigarette even though they feel that further studies still need to be conducted. Dr Michael Siegal, a tobacco researcher and Professor at Boston University’s School of Public Health feels that any alternative to tobacco smoking needs to be investigated and developed. Dr Siegal says that the fact that this device is helping thousands of smokers quit without the risk of inhalation of second hand smoke by innocent persons, needs to be encouraged. “In some ways, this is the product we’ve been looking for all these years” he says. Dr Siegal hit out hard against the Anti Smoking groups, accusing them of having trouble coping with anything that looks like a cigarette. He also believes that if the e-cigarette can be fine tuned, the pharmaceutical companies will lose business to the companies who manufacture these placebo cigarettes. In his opinion, the e-cigarette is much safer than normal cigarettes, with lower levels of harmful toxins with carcinogens levels being 1000 times lower than in regular cigarettes.

Another famous university who is for the e-cigarette is the Minnesota University. They are however also asking that these devices be further developed and harmful levels of chemicals be analyzed and reduced. Labelling should be more detailed and instructions clearer with health hazards clearly printed.

Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

There are a many concerns when it comes to E-Cigarettes. Although they do have their uses as alternative and ironically healthier alternatives to conventional smoking, there are certain issues in place that make them a difficult subject for approval or disapproval when it comes to marketing them to the public.

Governments cite that the concern is both in its use and the perceived health risks involved in using it. Unlike tobacco-based products that are taxed and limited its use on adults, E-cigarettes don’t fall into that same category for one simple reason: they do not contain tobacco. This can cause minors to legally smoke below their legal age, making it an embarrassing loophole that can be a tricky thing to patch. Some E-cigarette makers offer flavors that are attractive to minors like apple, strawberry, chocolate, cakes and more. We at Hawkcig believe that this type of offerings is irresponsible and can create a new breed of smokers, since E-cigarettes contain nicotine which a highly addictive substance.

Also another thing that confuses the general media as to the health-based issues regarding electronic cigarettes is the fact that it lacks sufficient studies that disprove or approve of its use amongst smokers. The FDA, WHO and other legitimate health organizations may have already put out studies on E-Cigarettes, but the trouble is that either their research is insubstantial or too diluted to make a definitive stand on it.

So as part of our responsibility, we at Hawkcig do not offer any teasing flavors that may be attractive to minors. We at Hawkcig do not encourage any non-smokers to buy our products. We simply offer our products to current cigarette smokers as a healthier alternative. We worked very hard to come up with a formula that gives the smoker the best tobacco-like flavor and feel.


But don’t fret, the research on whether or not E-cigarettes are a legitimate problem for smokers is still ongoing and it’s stepping the right direction. Since there are very little studies that could prove e-cigarettes that could make them important tools for smokers to live a healthier life without carcinogens, here’s a list of its proven advantages:

  • You can choose to lower your nicotine intake. This is a big one, not only that you are free to cut down on your intake, but you are doing so without taking in smoke filled with dangerous and cancer-causing chemicals. You can chose from high to zero nicotine refills; so this makes it an obvious must-have for smokers that have an oral fixation.
  • Healthier and Cheaper. There are nearly 4,000 deadly chemicals found in ordinary cigarettes on top of nicotine while an e-cigarette contains little to no nicotine. Ideally, they can also cut expenses since they only require minimal replacements in terms of parts. Hawkcig E-cigarettes costs less than one U.S. dollar per pack equivalence in the long run as our cartridges are refillable up to five times reducing the cost of E-smoking even more.
  • You can smoke anywhere. Smoking a electronic cigarettes is not technically smoking since you’re just blowing off vaporized liquid; thus making it safe for people around you. There is no bad smell nor yellowed teeth or fingers that you would commonly attribute to ordinary smoking.


  • It still contains nicotine. Having nicotine in an electronic cigarette might seem harmless due to its reduced amounts but it also caused an unexpected problem for people who use e-cigarettes with nicotine: you suck in nicotine at a longer rate. Cigarettes naturally burn themselves out in time but with e-cigarettes, you can smoke all you want till the battery runs out, which in this case, is a very long time. It is important to note that 10-15 puffs on an E-cigarette are equivalent to one regular tobacco cigarette. This may help the user keep his habit in check.
The Truth About E-cigarettes
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Do all e-cigarettes taste the same? They don’t. There are a couple of dozen tastes to select from, including those of some leading cigarette brands, and there are also different nicotine levels, from none at all to extra-high. Hawkcig Inc. at prides itself as the only e-cigarette company to make their main focus on the quality of taste that approximates very closely that of a real tobacco cigarette in flavor and hit. The founder of Hawkcig Inc. is an x-smoker who is also an engineer. He struggled with all the choice out there until he developed his own design and recipe which has been the foundation of the company. There is no doubt that electronic smoking cigarettes require getting used to, and the technology is probably still in its infancy, but smokers who are really concerned about tar may want to take a look at e-cigs.  But no matter what the facts are, the best thing to do is quit smoking. Click here for guide on how to do it.                                                                                                                                                     

Hawkcig Care Program: Starting on January 1, 2013 Hawkcig Inc. will start accepting applications from current customers who suffered from tobacco smoking and would like to receive financial help to pay for some of their expenses. We are committed to this cause as we believe that our products are much safer than regular cigarette smoking, we will give away five percent or more of our profits on a quarterly basis to those who show the most need for help. Checks will be mailed out to successful applicants in about thirty days after the quarter ends.. Hawkcig may choose to divide award among many qualified applicants. 
E-cigarettes to take over tobacco smoking

One expert, Tyler Bullock of E Cig Cabin (, reports that he and many experts like him predict e-cigarettes to surpass tobacco cigarettes in ten years or less.

In his post, Bullock lays out four reasons that he and other experts believe electronic cigarettes will become bigger than tobacco within a decade. He cites experts such as Bonnie Herzog, a senior analyst and managing director for Wells Fargo Securities LLC who deals largely in the tobacco market, as well as recent electronic cigarette news to back up his claims.

“I read an article in which Bonnie Herzog loosely predicted that e-cigarettes users would surpass tobacco users within the decade, and I decided to add my own thoughts and other data into the conversation,” said Bullock when asked what inspired the post.

Throughout the article, Bullock appeals to both common sense and concrete facts to prove his theory about electronic cigarette dominance in the future. He talks about current events, such as the recent acquisition of e-cigarette giant Blu Cigs by tobacco giant Lorillard, as well as the general harm-reduction benefits of electronic cigarettes.

“When Lorillard bought out Blu Cigs, it was really a sign of how far e-cigarettes had come. When you have a titan of the tobacco industry purchasing one of the largest e-cigarette companies, it's time to take notice of electronic cigarettes as a growing, viable alternative to tobacco cigarettes,” explained Bullock.

But big business moves are not the only thing backing Bullock's bold prediction. He also looked at modern day tobacco consumers and examined what they wanted from a nicotine delivery system and how that could factor into the growth of the e-cigarette.

“In a perfect world, nobody would use nicotine. But this isn't a perfect world. Consumers want the benefits of nicotine without the dangers of tobacco. This makes electronic cigarettes the perfect option. Once regulation and safety are really nailed down, e-cigarettes will be in even more demand than they are today and there's no reason they won't overtake tobacco in sales. I predict it will happen in 10 years or less.” said Bullock.

To read Bullock's prediction in full, head over to the E Cig Cabin and read his full post here:

Read the full story at

Latest E-cigarettes studies, September 5, 2012 

Two recent studies have shed a light on the future of smoking and where it truly lies. With smoking bans in place across Europe, Australia and the US in some form or another, and legislation expected in some parts of the world regarding how tobacco is marketed, pressure is already mounting on the tobacco industry, while electronic cigarettes are being lauded for the lack of negative side-effects they cause.
One of the latest studies into the relationship between tobacco smoking and health problems suggests that, even when they have quit smoking, those who have indulged in heavy tobacco smoking for a spell are twice as likely to suffer a brain hemorrhage that could prove fatal. Heavy smoking in this instance is defined as smoking over 20 cigarettes per day.
The research, conducted by Seoul National University Hospital, argues a that those still smoking at a heavy level may be as much as three times as likely to suffer a potentially fatal SAH (subarachnoid hemorrhage). These negative findings concerning tobacco come in the same week a study into the effects of electronic cigarettes on the heart which only has positive findings.
E Cigarettes are battery operated and simulate the smoking experience, providing a hit of nicotine independent of harmful tobacco smoke. The Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens recently found that such devices appear to have no impact on the heart - something that vindicates the switch to electronic cigarettes that many tobacco smokers have already made.
The team at VIP are keen to stress that e-cigarettes represent a healthier alternative to tobacco in an age when tobacco smoking itself is becoming increasingly marginalized. The devices sold deliver a nicotine vapour that mimics tobacco smoke and offers the hand-to-hand action of a physical cigarette familiar with smokers.
The latest studies throw even more weight behind the concept that E Cigarettes may come to replace more traditionally forms of smoking over time.






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WARNING: Hawkcig products are intended for use by legal age smokers at their county of residence. Our products are not smoking cessation instruments. Consult with your physician if you have any health threatening conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure or heart complications. Pregnant or breast feeding women are discouraged from using our products and should consult with their physician if they still decide to do so. Hawkcig products contain nicotine which is a highly addictive and habit forming substance. Nicotine is also known to the state of Californian, USA to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.